Transpersonal Regression Therapy

We experience injuries and 10414471_339694382860756_6134715175928068552_naccidents from early childhood right through to old age.
They happen randomly and just seem unfair.
Some are easy to cure and recover from and (seemingly) are quickly forgotten, whilst others need more time and can be lengthy.

Our intelligent body system is able to recover from many injuries on its own or with the help of modern medicine.
However injuries can lead to changes in the body with which we aren‘t initially prepared for and then over time we come to accept them as part of our feelings and body image.

So it may be that we then feel that these restrictions are actually part of us and sometimes some of them are, or become, unnoticeable and we may even use them as an excuse.
Why change something that doesn’t ask to be changed?
It is not our fault and we put the blame down to either our own physical limitations, the circumstances or numerous other reasons.

As humans we are dynamically organized. Our mind, body and soul all affect each other. There are more opportunities to change ourselves positively than many of us assume.
As individuals we constantly learn and change ourselves during our lifetime and our body with its body cells is capable of change too.

The first step to change is to accept the body not as an enemy, but as an ally.
Accidents, injuries and pain try to make us aware of something, a kind of body feedback.
The main priority with any injury is about how this limitation can be repaired as quickly as possible – to get the body functional again. Be it with surgery, medication, various therapies or exercise.

If this limitation or injury is perceived as an indication, where about in your own life something should be understood, this can be a key to the development in life.
Many years experience teaching bodywork and training in water has proven to me that with movement and depending upon the quality of that movement, body restrictions brought upon as a result of the injury can improve simply from using these movements.
But sometimes even the most enthusiastic will is unable to help any further and the process of change seems very unlikely.

In search of an effective tool to solve this frustrating situation I discovered the Transpersonal Regression Therapy. In this form of therapy the mind reaches the body and the mind can be reached over the body. Mind and body are one unit which affect each other.
During a regression session the awareness is able to explore the causes of a physical or psychological blockage. Understanding the causes can help to resolve this blockage and let it go. If the cause is understood and resolved, the process of change can continue.

If the cause of a blockage in the body has been a shock or an accident, a part of the field of Transpersonal Therapy Regression sets to resolve the healing process:

Accident Trauma Release.