Body Training – Movement Concept


      Offered Training:

Body Training

In the training is the focus on the perception of one’s body. Gravity and it´s countermove is a principle of order, a “24 Hours – Gym” for the body.
The body with chords, ligaments, fascias and muscles stretches logically between gravity and the “sky”. Each part is networked with each and interconnected. Even a small movement always affects the entire body system.

The CANTIENICA® Method  is vivatomical logic. In an optimal posture, strenght, flexibility and stamina are trained from the core of the body – the deepest muscle layers.

Aqua Energy Work

  • Aquagym is a comprehensive workout: the buoyancy of the water, the water resistance and water pressure are unique conditions for the movement of the human body in that element.
  • Lotic swim training teaches the swimmer in Freestyle Swimming to swim in relaxed and easy movements. Instead of fighting against the water you learn to swim with the water.
  • Aqua Balance is a unique experience during an individual session in warm water.
    In this special session, the water can develop its own special properties and its effects on the body. It is a opportunity to experience a deep form of relaxation and connect body, mind and spirit.

The location of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, gives the opportunity to work in a surrounding of impressing nature for your goals.

Take your holidays as a chance for healing and transformation.

Individual clases and sessions in english, german, spanish and french language.