ATR – Accident Trauma Release

10526004_332595626903965_3222690105538388347_nATR is used to treat injuries and accidents even after many years of having the body’s mobility and energy limited. From a medical point of view the healing should have taken place long ago, but for various reasons the body can not release the memory of the injury. This ranges from minor injuries to complex accidents.

Our bodies are made of various materials such as bone and connective tissue, muscles and fascia. Any type of injury or shock such as surgery, accidents, coma and violence leave impressions in these aforementioned structures and cells. It defies the ability of the cells to renew themselves and the information from the injury or surgery remains, saved in the same places, sometimes for years.

Psychological and psychosomatic consequences of physical trauma are persistent and pervasive. They can express themselves as headaches, muscle cramps, abdominal pain, loss of vitality, uncertainty and limitation in mobility and a general change in body proportion.

The resulting conscious and unconscious tensions are an energy leak in the body.

If known cure methods did not bring the desired success, the cause can be explored with an ATR session. After such a session the own vitality, physical and mental health can improve.


Example of a ATR session:

– Make a list of all the clients injuries and accidents.

– Working mentally on the accident (or accidents) with the client.

– Discover relationships and backgrounds and understand the associated emotions and effects.

– Energy work: restore mentally the energy balance in the body.

– Any additional exercises or recommendations for further action.