“Lotic” = pertaining to or living in flowing water, a ecosystem which can be changed by different factors in or around the water.

As in the lotic system, we are constantly influenced by our enviroment, by our mind or through our body.

But that also means that we can bring about mind and body changes itself.

Transpersonal Regression Therapy is a form of resolve using different mental entering points to transform physical and mental blockages.
Accident Trauma Release is a special technique in Transpersonal Regression Therapy to release the repercussion and after effects of accidents, injuries and operations, even if they occurred a long time ago.

Body Training and Aqua Energy Work help to get a body-centered awareness. A strong, flexible and comfortable body has a positive esteem on your innermost self.


Regression Therapy on YouTube

Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) have created a film titled ‘Discovering Regression Therapy: A Love Story’ As the name suggests it is around the subject of regression therapy and is designed to inform and inspire the general public on the benefits of our therapy. It is particularly aimed at professional and potential therapists that may be interested in training in this field, inviting them to gain some insight into the challenges and rewards to be found within the training.

It is organised into fifteen sections of an average five or six minutes each.

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